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I am a father, artist, lover of good food, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping men just like you and me, redefine our legacy and become real men of value.




Before I created the Brotherhood of Gentlemen in early 2018, I knew I wanted to help men improve their lives and purpose. As a former personal trainer and coach, most of my clientele were women. While I loved helping women, I couldn’t help but feel like I was not following the path I was meant to be on. There was a need for male improvement, but I just couldn’t grasp at the time, how to reach them.

It was not until life handed me a deal of my own challenges that I had to self reflect and realized that I needed to strive to become a better man, to rebuild my confidence and character. I was not living to my full potential either as a man, and so I began to focus on rebuilding and redefining my legacy. That is the moment that my years of searching how to reach and help men just “clicked”. I realized that I was not alone and that men were struggling just like me to find themselves, to overcome their own challenges, and to become men of value. That men, like me, needed to come together to empower and build each other up as real men, and to teach, guide, and support one another in our personal journeys of self improvement.

That is why I created the Brotherhood of Gentlemen – to give men a community and the resources to improve and become the men that we are all meant to be. If you are ready to make a change in your life. To improve or even find a great relationship, to build character, intelligence, strength, and even style, than you have come to the right place.

Welcome my brother, to the Brotherhood.