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Attitude is Everything

It is my belief that there is a direct correlation between your personal life and the success of your business or job performance. If your personal life is in shambles, a mess, than it is not uncommon to see that your business is often struggling as well. I am not talking about the moments in life that rear up suddenly and bring you momentarily to your knees, I am talking about those people whose lifestyle always seems to be downtrodden with excuses, blame, and everything they do seems to be geared around being negative.

The problem with people like this, is that their attitude and lifestyle are infectious. It can be easy, if you are not mentally prepared, to get sucked into their lifestyle, and find yourself also struggling to mentally stay afloat and even placing blame for your failures and struggles in life on everyone and everything around you.

Why does this happen? Every action we make in life either attracts or repels. Unlike actual magnetic energy, we do not attract our opposite, but rather, those that are the same. Positive energy attracts positive energy and often repels negative energy, and vice versa. This is why we see positive people gravitating towards other positive people, or why we use the phrase “misery loves company”. We tend to gravitate towards similar energies.

Energy also has the ability to convert. So a strong positive energy has the ability to repel or convert negative energy into positive, and strong negative energy can repel or convert positive energy into negative. We see this often where we could be having a really bad day and someone brings in a puppy and instantly, your mood increases. It is because the collective positive energy has shifted your negative energy into positive by being around it. That, and puppies are freaking adorable. In the same token, there have been many instances where you go someplace in a great mood, and are suddenly surrounded by negative people, complaining, and just being miserable, and it brings you down. It has changed your energy.

So how do we, as men, combat this and sustain positive energy and maintain that sense of control? If you guessed working on attitude, you definitely read the title of this post! First, let’s be realistic. You are not going to never feel negative or down, the first step is to recognize when you are being negative and finding a way to work towards being positive again.

Our attitude has a direct correlation to our actions and perceptions of the world around us. It is also the one thing we can control in our life. We cannot control what others do, say, or how they treat us. We cannot even change the inevitable. What we can control is how we perceive and react to the things that happen to us and around us.

To put things simply, when negativity arises you can either change the situation, or if that is impossible, change the way you perceive it. If you are surrounded by negative people, change the energy in the room or remove yourself from the situation, either physically or mentally. The best option is to change the energy. A smile goes a long way, and so does positive energy if used. Help those around you change their attitude, which in turn, makes your energy even stronger. That being said, some people are unwilling to change their attitudes, and thus, removing yourself physically or mentally are you second best options. This can mean walking away and into another area, or even putting on music or headphones just to shut out the Negative Nicks out there.

Learning to control your attitude takes time, patience, and practice. To reiterate, the first step is to recognize when there is a shift in your energy. Sometimes the shift may have already happened, sometimes you catch it while it is happening, and eventually you will catch it before it happens. The reality is, that no matter at which point you recognize, you are in a position of control to change your attitude and energy.

Your single biggest obstacle in life is yourself. The beautiful thing about knowing this is that, you will also be your biggest reason for your successes as well. You just have to learn how to change your attitude.


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