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What is the Brotherhood of Gentlemen and Why Should You Care?

It is hard to believe that it is so close to April already, and the transition of this site is still not fully complete. I would like to say it is because I have been so busy getting things ready for release, but in reality, my day job has just taken so much of my time and time management outside of the office is often lacking. I can never seem to really balance between whether or not to rest and relax, or sacrifice my free time for my passion of helping others. This is why there are intermittent lapses of time between posts. It has been an issue, and one that is being resolved as well.

I am working with a business partner, or rather, someone that will help to keep me on track and to remind me that sometimes sacrifice is more important than rest. I think we all need this kind of person in our lives to coach us and keep us balances, because we will often gravitate towards what is simplest, rather than what is the most beneficial. It is not to say that sometimes a day of rest is the most beneficial for mind and body, but rather that having someone to keep you balanced is key. So you may find that I am writing and sharing a lot more on here.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on outlining what my biggest focus will be on GQ, and that is self mastery and improvement for men through coaching. I want to provide a close knit community of support and guidance for men…and that is what the Brotherhood of Gentlemen is all about. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to focus on helping men in 4 main areas, but then I realized there was a 5th area that I had overlooked that would allow for a complete and full transformation and self mastery of becoming a better man.

These 5 areas of focus are:

Character – A mans greatest strength should be his character and how others portray him. I want to work on helping men, just like myself, to build strong moral character in their every day life. Respect, integrity, honesty, manners, and patience are just some of the key areas we will focus on in building character.

Intelligence – It is my opinion that a man should always strive to improve his knowledge of the world, not only for himself but for the benefit of those around him. Self mastery doesn’t come without knowledge and experience, and thus, intelligence and the focus on personal education is a key focus.

Strength – A strong man is strong in both mind and in body, and we will focus on training both mind and body for balance. Learning to deal with the stresses of our daily lives, improving how we think about the world, and changing our habits to improve our minds, while learning to respect and build healthy, able, and strong bodies is another fundamental focus of the Brotherhood.

Style – How we present ourselves to those around is often a representation of how we feel inside, and while I am not saying we will ditch the comfortable jeans and tshirts for suits and ties all the time, learning style provides a confidence that will attract the right people into your life. From grooming, to fashion and even skin care, we will cover many areas to improve our image. Looking great feels good and that is why style is another focus.

Empowerment – This was the newest addition to my focused in the Brotherhood. Learning to become a great man is an amazing choice, but learning how to become a great man and empower other men simultaneously is even greater. I don’t want to just help make great men, I want to change how society views men, and I believe that empowering men to help others is crucial. We must learn to teach others how to be great men as well, including our sons and growing men of the world.

The Brotherhood of Gentlemen Coaching will be available soon, if you want to be one of the first of great men to join in this opportunity, hop on the wait list and I will be keeping in touch and ensure you get the announcement when the doors open.

Brotherhood of Gentlemen Waitlist

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