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Lessons Learned While Growing Out My Beard

I am four strong months into growing out my beard, and within those four months, I have learned quite a bit. Now, before I go into some of the details of what I have learned, let me make it known that growing out your beard is not a mandatory aspect of becoming or being a man. It was merely a choice of my own to change things up in my life, and truly see how I look and feel with a beard.

Now moving onto the things that I have learned.

#1: Beards require patience – Boy does it require patience. Between waiting for the awkward “it cannot be tamed” phase where it just looks…weird, to trying to drink or eat without making a mess. Growing out the beard requires a lot of patience.

#2: You must change how you eat and drink – When your beard and moustache get to certain length, eating and drinking becomes a lot tougher. I have combated this with eating foods with forks and drinking from straws. As to save on plastic being used (being mindful of waste and the environment), I bought a metal tumbler that had a durable and reusable straw with it. Now, when I make my smoothies and shakes, I am not dipping the stache into my mixture and dripping on my clothes.

#3: People either love them or hate them – “Oh you look good with a beard” to “You should shave that” have become more common. Is this just a New York thing, or are people this judgmental and vocal about beards everywhere?

#4: I have a lot more gray than I realized  – As a sign that I am getting older, I did notice some gray in my stubble awhile back, but now that the beard is grown out more, I have noticed the salty strands showing up in abundance…a sign that I am fast approaching middle age.

#5: It is starting to grow on me…figuratively (and literally I suppose) – I am starting to feel the beard. It is kind of fun and exciting to see how it has been growing out, and its getting to the point that styling and trimming are almost a necessity. I think this is where things start to become fun. Due to the fact that I am a bald man, having some hair to style, even if it is just on my face, feels kind of nice.

The thing is, I don’t really know how long I will keep the beard growing. Maybe until September or push for a full year of growth. I don’t know. Maybe I will keep it, and maybe I will trim it down. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter as long as I own whatever I make of it.

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