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Are You Making Your Woman Feel Beautiful?

Women are constantly being marketed to in regards to making themselves “feel beautiful’. From makeup to lingerie, women are subjected to hundreds upon hundreds of advertisements vying for their attention to help them feel sexy, beautiful, or capture the attention of us men. It is kind of sad.  Why is it that a woman is conditioned to only feel beautiful when she wears certain things or has a layer of makeup on?

Men are different. Sure, we still get advertisements in regards to certain aspects of our bodies to make us feel ashamed, but men tend to embrace themselves more easily. Male pattern baldness, gray in our hair and beards, or even health and fitness (Dad bods are apparently in). While we certainly have our fair share of vanity areas that make us self conscious, it just isn’t to the extent of what women go through and feel on a daily basis, and I think it is important for men to understand and take notice of this.

Think about it. When was the last time your significant other went out somewhere with you, whether a date, a shopping trip, or outing without spending what feels like forever getting ready, putting on makeup, doing her hair, and just trying to “look presentable” for other people? She should be…nay, should feel beautiful in front of you, no matter what she looks like or is wearing, but how often do we truly express this? How often do they hear this from us? We need to express and share this more often with them.

Most of us already know that the women in our lives (or will be) are beautiful with or without the makeup, but they don’t always feel that way.  They are more insecure about their looks than we men are. We start to go bald, we might go through a period of denial, and eventually just shave off the hair and embrace it. Going gray? Again, a period of denial (it’s just light colored hair) or hair dye before just accepting it and moving on. Women, not so much. They place a lot of thought and time on looking and feeling beautiful. A big emphasis on feeling. Women want to feel beautiful. They want to feel sexy. They want to feel loved. Everything they do revolves around feelings. So when their pants don’t fit as much or if they are feeling bloated, then that feeling translates to feeling unattractive, and certainly not sexy or beautiful. While we may think in the moment that they are crazy or wonder why they don’t see what we see, understand that this is just how they have been taught to think and feel.

It is not to say that we are not feeling, we just haven’t been as conditioned to care about how we look as much as women. That is not to say that how we present ourselves is not important, but we don’t place as much of our importance in that area. My point of this is that if you are with a woman, and she is at her most vulnerable, express yourself and share how beautiful she actually is to you. This can be through words, or better yet, actions. Grab her, hold her, kiss her back and neck, all the while telling her how beautiful she truly is to you.

To put it more simply, make her feel beautiful when she is around you. Always.

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