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Setting a New Standard in My Day to Day

Respect of others must begin with a respect of self. You cannot expect others to respect you, unless you respect yourself. That is how respect begins to be earned.

It started simply with dressing up for interviews that I would be conducting at work. It wasn’t anything spectacular, I just decided to put on a button down shirt, nice jeans, and shoes. I felt more confident, but I also knew that it portrayed a sense of respect in the workplace. I shouldn’t be wearing what I had been recently, not if I wanted to be respected or taken seriously by those I was interviewing.

I hadn’t really given it much of a thought for the past couple years, typically wearing my comfortable gym pants and superhero tshirts to work more often. My excuse was that I worked often in the warehouse helping out, but in reality, I wasn’t really taking care of myself to the point that I cared whether or not I looked presentable. I had gotten into a funk of self doubt and a severe lack of confidence. What I was wearing on the outside was a clear indicator of how I was feeling on the inside.

Struggling to regain my confidence in myself, I knew that I had to make a change in not only my behaviors and habits, but also the reflection of self that I was portraying to the world. I was miserable and I was dressing like it. So I began to dress accordingly. The first day, hearing that I looked good definitely boosted my confidence, but it came with the realization that what used to be normal attire for me, was now a shock to my peers. Nevertheless, I was setting a new standard. My gym clothes and tshirts were only for the gym and home from now on.  If I wanted to regain my self confidence and earn more of the respect of my peers, I first and foremost, had to begin respecting myself, and that started with how I presented myself to the world around me.

Don’t let anyone tell you that how you dress does not matter, because it does. Not only to those around you, but to your own self. When you dress nicely, you feel good about yourself, and that certainly boosts your self confidence and morale. Respect yourself first and foremost before you expect others to give you the same respect.


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