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Why I Stopped Eating Meat

In late December of 2017, I made the conscious decision to become vegan. For many people, this decision feels and seems drastic, and I suppose that in some viewpoints, they are not wrong. I didn’t just decide to become vegan on a whim. It was a lifestyle that I had once embraced and was a part of for many years. I was at my physical and mental best while abstaining from animal products, and it was a way of eating that was the most compassionate.

As my focus on self became increasingly important, I began to think back on when I was at my best, and I remember how great I felt while being a vegan. I had energy, more energy than I truly needed sometimes, but it helped me become more active. My mood was dramatically improved and I felt less stressed. My skin and complexion was healthier and clean. I had never felt better than when I was vegan.

In the past couple weeks of no longer eating meat, I have already begun noticing a drastic change in myself, both in body and mind. I feel mentally clear. It is not something you really notice until the brain just opens up and everything comes into focus. It is like when you put on new glasses for the first time. You know that things are a little blurry in the world, but you never realized how much until you put your glasses on and instantly everything is in focus and you begin to see all the details of the world that you have been missing. It was a lot like that for me mentally.

Physically,  I am already losing weight, but more so, I don’t feel bloated. I stopped retaining water, and my energy has dramatically improved. I have the motivation and drive to hit the gym once more, and have even started a brand new venture and focus on this very site thanks to my newfound clarity.

I am not going to push any man (or woman) to go vegan, but I would certainly encourage you to give it a try, or at the very least, eat less meat and more vegan style foods. Not only does this positively impact the environment, but reduces waste, is better for the animals, and overall, can drastically improve your own health and vitality.

You never know how much a decision can make an impact in your life until you just do it.

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