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The Culture of Responsibility

Listen up, men. I know that we often work hard and long days to support and provide for our families. I too, am no stranger to 60-80 hour work weeks, but there is something that you must know. The moment you clock out of work does not mean you clock out of life too. You still have responsibilities outside of your job that need your attention. You have a family at home, you have other things in life that need your attention, and if you are clocking out of life the moment you clock out of work, than you are not being a responsible man.

In times like this, I think about my grandfather, one of the hardest working men I know. Even today, the man will work and ensure that things around the house are fixed, built, or repaired. You could try your best to tell him to sit down and relax and rest, he is as stubborn as he is a working man. He has never been one to shy away from hard work. To this day, he can work circles around me. Seriously. The man is a machine. In his prime, he would come home from a long day at work, mow the yard, fix anything that was broken, or work on upgrading and building on his house. I don’t think he has ever stopped.

Nowadays, the men come home and we think “Man, I am too tired to do anything else”, so we sit down on the couch, turn on the TV and do nothing the rest of the evening. In many cases, your significant other is left to cook, clean, take care of the children (if you have them), do the shopping, and essentially clean up after you. Meanwhile, there are many things that need fixing in the house that you are just not stepping up to take care of, because in your eyes, you are done working completely the moment you clock out of your job. Time to grow up, my man.

Life continues on after work, and your responsibility as an adult does not stop the moment work is over. I am not saying you have to tackle everything in one day and ensure it all gets done before you relax for the evening, but set a plan to get things done. Write down a list of things that need to get done, add items that need fixing or taken care of that are not residual daily tasks as well. Set a timeline for when it needs to be finished by, and stick with it. If you are in a relationship, help your significant other with the house chores as well so that by the end of the day, the two of you can relax together.

It is up to us, as men, to change the culture of responsibility. Don’t clock out of life the moment you clock out of work. Be present. Take care of your responsibilities. Be a good man.


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