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The True Threat to Masculinity

Masculinity is not being threatened by the strong independent woman. It is being threatened by men who no longer value what it is to be a gentleman. Masculinity is not about growing a beard, having large muscles, using power tools, loving sports or owning a truck. Masculinity is a combination of confidence and respect in yourself as a man. It is about embracing the challenges that come with life and even relationships.  It is also challenging yourself every day to become better. Better intellectually, physically, and even emotionally.

It is not enough to just be a man in today’s society. Men are no longer seen as the head of the household, simply because he is a man. We, as men, must evolve to become more. True masculinity lies in the confidence of being a gentlemen. To respect yourself, other men, and woman alike. Societal norms currently try and blur the line of morality. It has become accepted to have “side pieces”. Relationships are disposable and when times get tough, it often becomes a time to trade in your relationship for something new and exciting. Strong women are not emasculating men, men are emasculating themselves through a series of impulse decisions and short term satisfaction. Men have traded value for quick and easy. The result is that women are showing they no longer need men that have no value to them, and the bigger problem is that more and more men are not providing value.

The truest test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching  – John Wooden

Throughout our lives, we will be presented with opportunities to lie, cheat, and steal. What we do in those moments defines us as men. It is easy to do all of these things and to succumb to short sighted impulses. I am not saying that men are the only ones at fault, because it is not true. Women are just as capable of the same pitfalls and traps as men, but that is not an excuse to ignore the problems that are currently plaguing us as a society. If we want to rebuild masculinity, than we need to address and work to fix the problems that we can control, and that resides in our actions and character.

Do not fear strong independent women. Instead, become a man of value; a man that encompasses strong positive traits like confidence, a strong moral character, respect, and integrity.

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